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Stopping by Trading Orders Types


Feature articles Trading platform

In a recent brief review of the crypto market, we stated that ‘crypto-currencies are traded 24/7 and everyone can catch his or her lucky moment of profit.’ But a trader is also human and needs rest too. How not to miss a lucky turn of the price? In this article, …

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Markup: Pleasant Addition to GC Partnership


Feature articles Partnership

As a business, Grand Capital shares the belief that people are the only true asset that is worth taking care of. And that is both the staff within and clients and partners out there. The choice of pleasant surprises that cooperation with Grand Capital can bring is not complete without …

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Crypto Surprises: Back to the Top Again


Blog Feature articles cryptocurrency

We all began to forget about cryptocurrencies last month and had plenty of other news to care about. Suddenly, crypto managed to surprise us all on Chinese New Year’s Eve and began to grow exponentially. In this new article for the Grand Capital blog we will explain, why should you …

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Winning Your Contest for Clients with Grand Capital


Artikel fitur

We live in a challenging time for any type of business, and it calls for customer acquisition and retention solutions that are out of the ordinary. In the new article in a series of explanatory readings, we share how Grand Capital implemented gamification into its trading offers and how it …

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The Gifts Marathon Is Up, but Not Finished!


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Today, the New Year Gifts Marathon by Grand Capital, our major promo campaign, which marked the commencement of the year 2023, has come to its final.

The most pleasant moment, that we all have been waiting for, is still ahead, though: the giveaway of prizes. Gifts will be distributed …

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Because We Cherish You: Payback to Clients Explained


Blog Promo dan aksi

Although a competitive industry (we have tackled this issue in our previous article), the trading business has never been neglected. Hardly ever did it suffer the shortage of potential clients. These tempting conditions softened the market players and the whole broker-client attitude. Too many companies began to take clients for …

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Partner IS Priority: Grand Capital Goes to the Next Level. Literally



Partners are every company’s bread and butter, there is no denial. So, the boom of brokerage companies in recent years brought new players to the ground and boosted the competition thereafter. While brokers are growing in number even faster nowadays, the resource of potentially active men and women, ready to …

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What is traded in Forex? The most popular currency pairs


Artikel fitur

Grand Capital shares the experience of traders: what pairs professional traders choose for intraday trading. Top 3 instruments for your trading.

1. Gold (XAU/USD)

Gold is one of the most popular instruments for intraday traders and fights for the first-place trading pair alongside EUR/USD.

Why do traders love gold?

  • Gold …
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Foreign exchange for freshers



What are the most effective trading instruments, and how should they be employed? This is a common question among rookie traders, and we're here to address it. Let's have a look at how to trade currency pairs as well as other characteristics of the foreign exchange market.


The foreign …

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What is going on with Meta Inc. and how to profit from its fall?



Meta Inc. is an American technology company that stands behind Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many other platforms and services. A year ago, in October 2021, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a renaming of the parent company, Facebook Inc., when the share prices were higher than $340 per share. 

Ever since, Meta’s …

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