Ramadan 2023 With Grand Capital

The entire multinational team of the Grand Capital broker wishes all of our related and involved users, their friends, nearest and family the most spiritual Holy Month of Ramadan!

May the power of faith, self-discipline, and devotedness lead you through all the obstacles to peace of mind and soul.

These are the exact personal qualities that help you make the right and successful trading choices. So, to brighten the time of challenge, take advantage of the special trading Bonus, valid throughout the whole Holy Month only:

  • Up to 200% to every deposit;
  • For deposits from 500 USD and above;
  • For Swap Free and Standard accounts;
  • Zero transfers commission (excl. ERC20 transfers);
  • Swap Free VIP special offer upon request.

Contact your personal manager to claim the Bonus, or contact the Support team directly in Private Office and at support@grandcapital.com.

Just in case, here are the downloadable full Terms and Conditions of the Bonus.

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