GC Manual – Part 3: How to Fund an Account

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So, you have successfully completed the registration and verification process and selected the trading account. You are all set to begin your spectacular trading journey, but just like a car needs gas, the account needs to be funded.

Part 3 of our new series of articles called GC Manual will list the deposit methods we offer and briefly explain how to use them.

As an international broker operating globally, Grand Capital strives to offer our clients the widest possible selection of payment methods. It should be noted, however, that the full range is rarely presented elsewhere, as convenient deposit methods vary from region to region. We encourage you to check the website for the updated list of payment methods here and to read this article to the end: at the end, we will list the recommendations of our regional managers for the best payment services available in their regions.

Before we start, we have some good news for you: unlike most brokerage companies, Grand Capital treats our clients in a very special way. We reimburse all transfer fees charged by banks, transfer agents, etc. Yes, all of them! Regardless of the payment method you have chosen, you don't need to worry about the agent's commissions or how much it will take from your deposit because we will compensate you for these costs - and you won't lose a single dollar on your way to the trader's well-being.

With such encouraging news in mind, let's get down to business.

In a broad sense, deposits today can be made in so-called fiat currencies (i.e. 'conventional', 'traditional' currencies such as the US dollar, euro, pound sterling, and all your local currencies) and cryptocurrencies. Let's take a closer look.

Each account at Grand Capital is funded separately. To view the options, click on the green Deposit button in the account description on the main page of your Private Office.

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However, once you have made a deposit into one of your accounts, you can make an instant internal transfer between them and split/distribute the deposit as you wish (three dots near the account description ⇒ Internal transfer).

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After clicking on the Deposit button, you will be taken to the Financial operations section of your Private Office. Here you can make deposits, withdrawals, and internal transfers.

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Withdrawal is exactly the same process as deposit, only in reverse, so we won't go into detail here.

But please note the following exceptions: a client may not create more than ten withdrawal requests per day, and they will be processed by our Financial Department from Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm (GMT). Withdrawal requests made after 2:00 pm (GMT) will be processed the next business day and this procedure strictly requires the verified account!

The internal transfer process is as easy as 1-2-3, literally, and is intuitive to understand - just fill out the required fields and pay attention to the notes, if any. See for yourself:

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As you can see, the section also allows you to transfer money to your affiliate account (Real IB) and to your Invest Wallet (used by copy traders and Invest Masters), and you can transfer money not only between your accounts but also to another client if such a necessity arises.

So, now to the deposit process!

Deposit with Fiat Currencies

Like the Internal transfers section, the Deposit section consists of three stages: Transaction details, Verification, and Payment. In Transaction details, select your preferred payment method. As mentioned above, not all payment methods available with Grand Capital will be listed in your Private Office, as they vary from country to country.

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The most popular payment method is direct bank card payment. Due to the insufficient quality of our previous payment provider, we had to terminate the cooperation with them and are now in the process of establishing cooperation with another reliable and trustworthy provider. Therefore, we ask for your patience, deposits by card will appear in a short time.

As an alternative, we recommend using electronic payment systems such as PayTrust, AstroPay, and Perfect Money, which are used by millions of people all over the world.

Take the Perfect Money. Fill in the account number, amount, and currency:

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Review the information again and confirm the transaction by pressing the Transfer funds button:

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After that, you just need to choose the source of funds and you will be taken to the Perfect Money payment window:

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It is the Perfect Money account that can be funded by a bank card, so you are welcome to use it here! Procedures in other systems are generally the same, and we advise you to consult the FAQ and support of the chosen system for more detailed questions.

Some deposit methods require verification. For example, to use ThunderXpay, you must upload a scan of your passport.

We do not accept wire transfers from third parties (this means that you can only deposit using your own bank card with your name on it). All expenses for returning a wire transfer to the sender are the responsibility of the client.

Deposits to the client's account, currency conversions between accounts, and withdrawals of funds are made according to the company's internal rates in effect at the time of receipt of funds or at the time of withdrawal. The table of exchange rates at the bottom of the Financial operations page with cross rates will help you at this stage.

Another way to replenish the account with fiat currency is by wire transfer. We will not go into detail here, as these methods are mainly applicable to your customers in Africa or Southeast Asia. The first two steps are exactly the same as with electronic payment systems, and it is the third step that is different - see the example of help2pay:

So, on the third step, you will need to have an account in the bank in question, and all the procedures are performed in the bank’s Private Office, not in Grand Capital’s. After making your payment, contact customer service and provide proof of payment to expedite the processing of your deposit request.

Depositing With Cryptocurrencies

In the Electronic payment systems section, select the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer, then fill in the destination account and the amount of your deposit. After verification, the payment page will appear with a wallet address. Transfer your crypto to this address and wait for the deposit to complete. This process is similar for every cryptocurrency, however, if you are transferring USDT (Tether), we only use TRC20 and ERC20 networks, don't confuse them - otherwise the transfer will get stuck in the system and we won't be able to receive it. You will need to contact the service provider to redeem your crypto.

To speed up the process, send the hash of the transaction to Support or your personal manager after the transfer is made, this will speed up the deposit process. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum are deposited automatically.

No tokens are accepted, only the cryptocurrency itself.

How to Deposit in Your Region

Here are some of the recommended and/or most popular deposit methods, where our company's official representatives are presented:

  • Republic of South Africa/Namibia and some other nearby countries: FNB, Nedbank, Absa Bank, Capitec Bank, Standard Bank, GTBank, UBA, Ecobank, Access Bank, and Union Bank.
  • Brazil/Portugal: PIX, USDT, and BTC transfers, Perfect Money, card, and bank transfers
  • Arab countries prefer USDT transfers in the TRC20 system and Perfect Money
  • Latin America: USDT and BTC transfers and LuxPag
  • Vietnam: Ngan Luong, USDT, bank wire transfers
  • Thailand: the same, and ThunderXpay

And the Cherry on the Cake!

After depositing funds, be sure to claim a Bonus 40%for any deposit, or other incentive programs offered by Grand Capital. What’s the deal?

  • The profit gained from trading the Bonus funds can be withdrawn.
  • Gradually, the Bonus becomes your personal REAL money at the rate of $3 per 1 lot.
  • The Bonus can be renewed every six months by depositing at least 10% of the initial amount.
  • The Bonus can be used to cover drawdowns.

Just choose your trading strategy and we will take care of bonuses for your trading plans.

This is the moment when you are 100% ready to trade. All that remains is to download the trading tool - the trading terminal. This will be the topic of our next GC tutorial.

Stay connected!

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