GC Invest for Money Managers: More Profits from Copy Trading

The previous article in this series briefly introduced the benefits of the GC Invest service for individual traders. Let us remind the definition of ‘copy trading’: copy trading is a system of automatic trade execution, a cutting-edge trading and investment service, user-friendly and flexible in operation. Today, finally, it is time to reveal the advantages of the GC Invest service for the other party in the copy trading process – the money manager.

First and foremost, it is an opportunity to significantly multiply your income. Even if you start your trading adventure with moderate funds, but demonstrate positive results, your trading strategy will be seen, and noted and others will want to copy your strategy. You, in turn, will be rewarded with a share of the profits from this activity. Thus, you get income from both your own sources and from the profits of investors, who have entrusted their funds to your guidance.

As importantly, the GC Invest service has been designed to be user-friendly and transparent. More than that:

  • You get free access to a wide pool of potential investors: your results will be visible (without revealing your personal details) to our wide network of clients worldwide. The brighter your results, the greater the chance that others will notice them and want to connect to your strategy;
  • Clear reward system: managers are free to set the desired commission in the range between 0% and 70%. It is calculated according to the High-Water Mark (HWM) system – a feature of the GC Invest service: you receive a percentage of the net profit of the investors. Commission is automatically paid into your account every Monday at 17:00 (trading terminal time);
  • Hundreds of assets available for trading: Forex, CFD-s on stocks, metals, energy, indices, commodities, crypto, etc.;
  • PR support: we run advertising and PR campaigns with active managers to increase the reach of the strategies. In addition, by winning our monthly Grand Capital Cup Tournament, you will not only receive a monetary prize, but also a special mark for the trader’s professional status. Your strategy will be promoted free of charge in the company's media. Honestly, it is worth trying your luck (and talents). Register here and compete for the Main Prize.

Becoming a money manager with GC Invest is as easy as it gets:

  • Open an account with our broker and verify it - here is the button:

    Become a Manager
  • In the Private Office, go to ‘Investments’, click on ‘Copytrading’, then on ‘For Managers’, and on ‘Become a Manager’;
  • Deposit at least 100 USD into your account, create a trading strategy in the same section where you became a manager, give it a title, and set the commission percentage. You can to manage the whole five strategies at once!
  • Off you go! The system will automatically check your trades and position the strategy in the rating on the third day in case of profitability. From this moment on, investors can connect to it.

Download the step-by-step GC Invest service user instruction here, and our Client Support is always there to address your requests in online chat, in Private Office, or at support@grandcapital.net.

Wish you good luck on your journey to well-being!

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