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How Copy Trading Helps to Profit Even If You Are a Newbie

Trading has always been associated with risk, and for good reason: even professionals, who have been trading for decades, keep making mistakes here and there. Even if you decide to start learning how to trade right now, and start making your first deals, it will take years (at least) until you gain a more-or-less decent experience. But one cannot wait for profits for so long! So here is when you may consider choosing copy trading – an up-to-date investment service, which is user-friendly, simple, and flexible at the same time.

So, in short, copy trading is the system of automatic copying of trading deals. When you activate this function, the system repeats the deals that are made by someone else (in this given case: an experienced trader) with the funds in your account. Important: money remains with its masters. Thus, copy trading is mutually profitable and allows users to earn on trading like professionals, having no or little experience. Authors of the trading strategy, in turn, receive a share of that profit and multiply their wealth even if they started out with modest funds. Win-win.

Every client of Grand Capital broker is free to profit from all the benefits of copy trading within our GC Invest service. There, you can choose either to connect your account to the copying someone else’s trading activity (and become an ‘investor’), or you can as well allow your trading strategy for copying (and become a money manager). Interested in receiving passive income? Then, you can start with at least 100 USD, enough for a start. Choose the trading strategy from the rating or invest in several at once for risk diversification.

If it is trading that makes your heart beat, you have your benefits with GC Invest too: for example, you are free to set your own commission size (up to 70% share of the profit of your deals, based on High-Water Mark system); your results are calculated real-time and you can always check them yourself; most active and successful traders receive promo-support in the company media for free.

To reach the top of the tree faster and to make your strategies visible to the widest audiences from the first day, take advantage of Grand Capital Cup: it is not only a 500 USD money prize that a winner receives, but the status of a professional trader too. His/her strategy receives a special mark in the rating of GC Invest money managers and is promoted on the company’s social networks. Worth trying! You can sign up for this trading tournament via the link.

For more details about your gains as being whether GC Invest manager or investor, follow our next explanatory articles next week.

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